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A tour close to our lodge

10th of December afternoon
Afternoon, the sun is still shining brightly and it is gorgeous weather outside (19C), although a bit colder right now then it was this morning.
The Dantica Lodge is not only a lodge, it is also a huge area with trails. And when here, of course we had to go and explore a bit, even if ours legs were tired after our morning hike. From our room we took a steep trail down in hope to see the Quatzal, a rare but beautiful bird with long green feathers, which was considered sacred for the Mayans. But unfortunately this time we where out of luck, no Quatzal in sight. But nonetheless a nice hike.
So high up the plant life is different with huge trees, climbers clinging on to them and covering the grounds, but no shrubs. With the moist of the clouds everything was green, but also a lot of moss and fungus covering every bit of surface.
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