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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain….

As you might have noticed of all the entries in our log we are having a lazy day today! The morning started really relaxed around the pool. As it is still a bit off-season we are the only guests, and enjoy our private pool to the fullest. Åke is working on the blogg updating all the photos. Me, Simone, is mainly choosing to be lazy in the hammock enjoying the views over the sea, or cool off in the pool. One cannot sit forever around the pool, so we planned to take lunch in Ojachal. The most famous restaurant on this part of the coast is unfortunately not open for lunch (Exotica) so we go for the another nice little restaurant called Citrus in Ojachal. But when lunch is over some rain drops start to fall, and some more and more….
Well, this is the rainforest, so we should expect some rain. And we did, but not this much! We are outside the rain period, so it does rain, but only to a certain extend. Today however we got a real downpour and for hours and hours. From just after lunch until 5:am the next morning. Rather unusual I was told.  But not that bothersome for us. We had decided to be lazy today anyway, so what better place to sit, relax and read a book than on our outside terrace (with roof).

Photo above: Our outside living room during the evening. From here we have a great view over the rain forest below and the sea in the distance. In the picture you can see the sitting area, but the terrace is really big, having a dining table and most essential a hammock 🙂
Yes, there are bugs and all types of creepy crawlers here! But so much less than I had expected. Nothing really disturbing at our sitting area or around the pool. The main thing you’ll see are ants in all sizes and shapes. The Leaf Cutter ants were rather cool to watch, carrying their fresh cut flower bits over their heads, heading in a row to their homes somewhere in the forest.
The bug above I spotted on our wall, and is quite large in size (8 cm). It didn’t want to move though, bugs seem to be getting lazy these days 😉 Another visitor was a huge Walking Stick. It must have been almost 10 cm long. Quite a sight to see.Mosquitoes seem to be almost non-excisting, so that is quite a relief!
Fruit salad for breakfast, fruit salad as a snack during the day and of course some fresh fruit to munch away during the evening. With so much fresh delicious fruit around we seem to eat it all the time. Fresh pineapple, mixed with different sorts of melon, bananas, papaya and you name it. Delicious!
Lunch at Citrus Restaurant in Ojachal

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