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21st of December…. The end of the world as we know it

According to the Mayan Calendar. And it did! For our little laptop……
The charger was over exhausted and stopped working. Panic! But some serious hunting in shops in San Jose we found a replacement and our little laptop is full of life again. And yes, this means our blog writing will continue!
We got some more serious rain and fog on our travels at Arunal Volcano, so we decided to travel early morning in the direction of San Jose. We stopped at a Soda, a type of Costa Rica restaurant serving simple but good food. In this case some grilled Pollo (Chicken). We stopped at a little museum showing pieces from the indigeneous culture of Costa Rica. Amongst other the Boruca, an area we visited earlier during the trip. The Borucas are known for their carved masks, and we bought one from them to hang on our “Wall of Masks”.
Late afternoon we arrived at our Eco Lodge just north of the capital of San Jose for a last relaxing afternoon in the sun in Costa Rica. Dinner was had at a lodge just down the hill with an amazing night view over the lights of San Jose. 
Tomorrow we are off to our next destination, Guatemala, to the beautiful lake Atitlan.


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