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Sunset from the top of the tallest of the Yaxhá ruins

Watching the sunset from the top of a Mayan temple was one of those moments to remember. The site of Yaxha is set in the tropical rainforest along the shores of Lake Yaxha and from the top of the temple you have a great view over the forest lake and other temples. We arrived approximately 30 minutes before the sun went down and it was wonderful to just sit here and take in the views and see the sun slowly colouring the sky orange. In the tree tops we could see Howler Monkeys and there were quite a few groups of Howler Monkeys surrounding the Maya Temple giving their own private concert of howling. Hearing the massive sounds of these monkeys calling from all corners in the forest is impressive. The sound they produce is amazing and hard to describe. Maybe something like the combination between the roar of a lion and the howling of a wolf. And it went on for half an hour at times.

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