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How to read the blog

Blog-posts are in reverse order

Due to the fact that the blog-pages was published in date order, it appears below in that order. If you want to see each day in “normal” order, use the menu at the top of the page. Start with a click to Week 50 and then click on the link for the next page as you’ve scrolled through the page. Simone is the main author 

Blogginlägg är i omvänd ordning

Pga av att blogen skrevs i stigande datumordning visas här nedanför inläggen sorterade efter det, alltså den sista dagen kommer först. Vill du se varje dag i “normal” ordning så använd menyn uppe på sidan. Starta på Week 50 och sedan klickar du på länken för nästa sida (längst ned till höger) när du bläddrat igenom dagen. Simone är den som skrivit mest.


New Years first day

Today we rented a couple of bicycles and cycled along side the long beach for some kilometres. We stopped at a tapas restaurant and had some good seafood.
We had a ping pong shoot out. Åke too humble to boast with his victory!
(17-15 in final set and with a ball on the edge of the table). 

New Years Eve

We’ve moved to a new hotel with very high class.
Enjoyed the pool bar and environment. Played a ping-pong game.
In the evening we took a boat to down town, a drink at a bar and a dinner at another place.
It was a really relaxed and also one of the warmest Nyårsafton we’ve spent.

Lazy Lizard & Slappo tjej

New years eve started in a lazy fashion.
Using the pool chairs and hammock at optimum.
Åke was enjoining himself in the kitchen with a making Chicken Terriyaki with rice.
Switch of hotel in an hour (water taxi will move us).


Caye Caulker – island north east of Belize city

 We made a short stop over at the island of Caye Caulker.
It was a long trip from El Remate in Guatemala to Belize, Belize habour and boat to Caye Caulker. 
In retrospective it was a good decision since the trip to our main stay in Belize, Ambergis island was only 1 hour away.
 Very good food and excellent baking of buns, something Simone appreciated a lot