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Down and down we go!

11th of December
It’s time to move on and continue our tour through Costa Rica. The direction we drive today is south and down the mountain. And even more down the mountain! Hairpin bends, driving through clouds and beautiful vistas. Unfortunately not that many possibilities to stop and take photos, but a great drive nevertheless! We drive for approx 3 hours and descend down from 3000 metres to sea level, and from 19C (around 10C at night) to 31C (26C early morning).
We made a stop at a stream to cool off at the waterside and take a relaxing break before moving on to our destination “The Shelter of the Storm” just south of the village of Dominical right at the coast. 
Daryl and Donna gave us such a great welcome, we immediately felt at home here. Great to know we will be staying here for the coming 5 nights!

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