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Spider Monkey

The Yucatan spider monkey . Spider monkeys are among the largest New World monkeys; an average weight of 10 kg for males and 9 kg for females. They form loose groups of 15 to 25 animals but during the day, breaks up into subgroups of two to eight animals. This group had two mothers with babies. One of them was holding her baby tight in her arms while resting high up in the tree tops. The other little one however was very playful swinging around in the treetops, but always with the mum being close by. They were high up, and sometimes hard to spot through the dense green of the jungle. But at times the views were clear and the playfulness of the little one brought smiles and laughter on everyone faces.

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Pygmy owl

The Costa Rican Pygmy Owl is found in the mountains of Costa Rica and western Panama. This species prefers canopy and edges of highland forests and adjacent habitat. Sometimes even enters pastures and plains with scattered trees. (from wikipedia).

We were so in luck to see this little owl species, only 15cm in height, so close by. It’s a fairly uncommon bird, but can be seen right in the area were we are, above 1200 metres in the Talamanca Cordilleras. This owl is endemic from Costa Rica to Western Panama and is active during both day and night. 

This one just sat on the road. Its about 10-15 cm high